Efficient, Effective, Safe Detection

In Any Setting

K9 Explosive Detection

A Manual for Trainers

Written by Ron Mistafa, DDSI

This book's training system combines the ffective features of major training systems in use by police departments in North America. This system is designed to produce handler/dog teams that can conduct efficient, effective and safe searches in any setting.

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DDSI Narcotic/Alcohol Search Dog Protocol

For Oil & Gas Rig and Service Camps

Narcotic and Alcohol Search Teams can provide an invaluable service to oil and gas firms. But any company asked to use its dog teams as a narcotics/alcohol search resource in rig/service camps, must have a search protocol in place which enables hiring companies to confirm that the work will be conducted using the most effective procedures. In particular, dog team methodologies must insure that the hiring company’s employees will be treated in a respectful and unbiased manner.

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DDSI Pipeline Leak Detection and Integrated Security Systems Protocol

For Oil & Gas Pipelines and Batteries

DDSI has developed Pipeline Leak Detection and Integrated Security System protocols as integral components for the Oil and Gas Industry that specifically focus on two areas of interest:

  • Environmental Security
  • Security Relating to Threat Assessments

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