Why Hire Detector Dog Services International?

The Team is the Key

Anyone can teach a dog to search for scents. For a landmine detection team to achieve maximum effectiveness the dog handler must also be well trained and the system used to train the dogs and handlers must take into consideration all aspects of detecting landmines in a former combat zone. Many training systems fail on both those counts. DDSI applies decades of post-war zone explosive detection experience in developing widely recognized systems that train both the dog and the handler as a unit.

The Right Dogs

A major problem with many contractors is that they are not necessarily working with military-trained dogs. Often they bring in police dogs, which are not as effective. With military-trained dogs the handler has the option of working his dog “off line” in high risk areas. Police dogs are typically trained to be handled on the leash only, which puts the handler in a much more vulnerable position, which slows down the work. DDSI dogs are able to work up to 600 metres away from the handler.

Did you know DDSI developed the now widely-used convention of training dogs and handlers using taped lanes?

Post-Combat Zone Expertise

Many organizations train dogs and handlers to work in urban settings, which are significantly different than international combat zones. DDSI has ground zero experience finding explosives in post-combat areas, and we develop our landmine detection systems for those areas specifically.